World Ocean Database Select and Search

Note: At this time, World Ocean Database 2018 (WOD18) contains prereleased data and flags for the WOA18.

The WOD is an NCEI product and an IODE (International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange) project.
This work is funded in partnership with the NOAA OAR Ocean Observing and Monitoring Division.

The WODselect retrieval system allows a user to search World Ocean Database and new (quartely updated/added) data using a user-specified search criteria. A distribution map and cast count of these search criteria will give the user the option to have the data extracted and placed on the NODC FTP site in the WOD native, 'csv', and netCDF data formats.

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To build a user defined search query:

  1. Place check mark in front of any number of criteria.
  2. Press the "Build a query" button.
(If any criteria below are not checked, the default will apply). Blue horizontal line

Geographic Coordinates - whole world
Observation Dates - e.g., Year(s), Month(s), Day(s) - all years/months/days
Dataset - e.g., OSD, CTD, XBT - all datasets
Measured Variables - e.g., Temperature, Salinity, Nutrients - all available variables
Biology - e.g., Phytoplankton, Zooplankton - all available plankton
Deepest Measurement - all depths
Country - all countries
Ship/Platform - all ships/platforms
Cruise - all cruises
Accession # - all accessions
Project - all projects
Institute - all institutes
Data Exclusion Using WOD Quality Control Flags - no exclusion
Data Additions - WOD18 released data

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